Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pouring Rain

I was hauling out to the barn Friday morning at 6:35 AM to go riding with Kellie when Martha called and asked if I could come to St. Martinville and help them with 3 weddings because her hubby had had a heart attack.  I hauled the trailer home, threw clothes in a bag and headed out.  I didn't get home til Saturday night at 11:30 PM.  I went to Opelousas, Morgan City and New Orleans delivering cakes with them - I did the decorating on one of the cakes.

I got up at 6:30 AM today and hauled out to the barn.  Biscuit ate his breakfast in the trailer.  I had got in the new Equipedic saddle pad and took that with me.  I brushed Biscuit off and tacked him up.  When I went to mount the whole thing slid sideways and I stumbled back onto the steps and darn near killed myself.  Ugh.  I jarred my back and that didn't feel too good.  I took the saddle off and got the Aussie pad to go with it and tacked up and mounted up.

We went to the right and rode around.  It was overcast and not hot at all.  Nice weather to ride in.  Saw a small little box turtle in the trail about the size of my Garmin.  We got about 2/3 of the way around and it started sprinkling - then pouring down rain.  Kellie and I were soaking wet.  She said she wished she was in her saddle and not Randy's!  We got back to the stables and there was a flash of lightening.

We started trotting and then came the boom of thunder.  Biscuit startled a little but that was it.  Took his tack off and loaded him up.  He was a good boy today.  It was a short 1.8 mile ride but a ride is a ride.  I have a 174 miles for the year.

Lee Ann sent me a link to this place (I had looked at it a number of times over the years) Lazy F Working Guest Ranch and said she'd like us to go for a Wednesday through Saturday.  She has someone putting an awning on her new trailer and then it will be ready to go!!!  Hopefully we can go soon!!!

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