Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thursday Morning Ride

I left the house at 6:30 AM to get Biscuit. I had to walk across the pasture to get him. He was walking just fine. Yay. Up to the wash rack and I put his feed in a bucket for him and started on his back hooves. Bruising there too. Poor guy. I haven't even hardly rode him in the past month. Kellie said Reagan's hooves does that. I will be more mindful not to let them get even the least bit long again. His back hooves have better concavity than the front. His yukky split in the middle was lumpy at the very tip of his toe like it used to get. I think I got almost all of it out. I was sweating like crazy before I was through. Ugh. Since he seemed still tender footed I put his Easy Boot Gloves on him.

I loaded Biscuit up around 7:30 and hauled to the park. I saw Kellie pull in just ahead of me. I unloaded Biscuit over a pile of poop. The chickens came running to go through it for a piece of grain. I shared my PB&J sandwich with Biscuit and gave Elan a piece of crust too. Threw a bit to the chickens and they plucked it up quickly.

Sue arrived, clanking in her trailer like crazy. Kellie and I waited for her to saddle up, Dulce got away from her and was running around the stable with Sue in tow. Dulce has more energy for an old girl that I have ever seen. I hope Biscuit is like that at 28 years of age!! She is always raring to go.

We were finally ready and headed into the woods hoping they would be dry enough to ride and WOW were we surprised. They were dry except in a few spots. Saw a little water moccasin going through a rut parallel to me going in the opposite direction. We rode all the way around and Sue peeled off as Dulce can only go 2 miles under vet's orders. Kellie and I turned around and went the other way for a different look.

Kellie only wanted to ride that long as she is worried about Elan's back. Her Steele saddle hasn't been completed yet. My saddle will be here Monday! Woot!!!!

We got off of the horses and Kellie got up on Biscuit to sit in the Aussie. She didn't like where the stirrups connect. It isn't as smooth as my other Aussies. I think this Aussie doesn't fit Biscuit that well...I think it is too wide at the withers.

I got out the other PB&J and shared it between Biscuit and Elan. Biscuit wasn't too crazy about the middle and refused the last of it - he is a crust man. Elan liked it just fine and scarfed it up. I took Biscuit over to the Water Office and rinsed him off and he was pretty good about his face. Not great but way better. Kellie and I let them eat grass while they dried off. The chickens had gone through his poop with a fine tooth comb and were drinking water out of his water bucket. I swept out the trailer and emptied the water.

Kellie and I plan on riding in the morning so I will bring either some chicken scratch or bread and leave them a bucket of water they can share while we are riding. I only have one wedding this month so I am planning on riding as much as I can. I have two weddings on the books for August - the 4th and the 11th so I am going to ride in August when I can. Gotta catch up!!

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