Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Monday Morning Solo Ride

I hauled to the barn and picked up Biscuit.  I had to load tack and talked to Lee Ann P for a few minutes.  Biscuit and I got out to the park and I tacked him up.  I spoke to Ricky V. and he said he was feeling better.  He was talking with another employee on the porch.  The guy asked if I liked the improvements on the trail and I said yes we did.  I also mentioned the bobcat track thingie and Ricky said he didn't see it when he went down the trail.  I told him where it was and hoped that it could be removed.  The other man asked me about my trailer and I explained about Brenderup's and said Barry wouldn't let me take his truck so I had to buy one I could haul with the RAV4.  LOL  they totally sided with Barry about a truck!!!

I mounted up and walked Biscuit to the trail.  We got around the first corner and he spooked at something to the right.  I saw something a little less than knee high and very dark.  I don't know if it was a wild animal or a dog/cat.  Biscuit was snorting for 30 yards or so.  I kept telling him to calm down!  We kept going and got around to the back - that little turtle was in that pothole!!!  We came around the back and started jogging.  The big tree across the entire trail had been moved.    We kept going and about a 1/4 of a mile or so from the stable Biscuit kicked off his Easy Boot Glove.  I got off and put it back on and was unable to remount - the saddle slipped.  DANG!  Walked him over to a stump and it crumbled.  Oh well.

We walked to the trailer and I took his saddle off quickly and rinsed him off.  I loaded him up and it was sprinkling.  By the time I got to Fannett Road it was raining.  When I got to Cardinal Drive it was raining hard...and West Port Arthur Road it was practically a white out.  When I got to PNR I got soaking wet getting Biscuit out of the trailer.  I cleaned the trailer as I was already wet!!  I put on a dry shirt in the car and put one under my butt!!!  I need to keep a dry/clean set of clothes in the car and a heavy towel too.

On Sunday when we rode Biscuit and I were swarmed by those yellow deer flies.  There were so many of them I thought they were bees.  I yelled at Kellie to see if they were swarming her too;  she said no.  They were all over me and The Biscuit.  I was swishing them away as fast as I could.  Gaaa!!!  Glad they weren't bees.

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