Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Changing Stirrups on the Allegany

I went out to the barn Monday afternoon to try the saddle again.  I talked to Lee Ann and she suggested changing the stirrups from the endurance stirrups.  I have another set that came with the other saddle.  I got the saddle stand and put it on the wash rack and changed the stirrups.  I tacked Biscuit up and mounted up.  We rode around for a total of 40 minutes - 10 minutes just sitting there talking to a lady who brought cake money for me.  We walked and jogged.  He was a total patootie at times like he always is in the arena.  We drilled a hole down to China at one point.

My foot NEVER went to sleep - and I was riding in my riding pants - not jeans.  No seam problem - no foot problem. 

I went out again today and Lee Ann P and Allison were out at the barn.  Allison thought the saddle was a little snug at the withers as I do.  Again I rode round and round - most at a jog, Biscuit being a total turd as he was yesterday but not as bad!!!  I got off of him and the sweat marks are perfect.  It was sprinkling when I got off and I tied him by the tack room and took the saddle off.  I took the shim pad out of the Equipedic and put the saddle back on.  Allison and I thought that fit better.  I am going to get a pillow slip to put the pads in if I ever need them or want to sell the pad.  Woot!!!

The fenders need to be softer but that will come with time and conditioning.  I am sitting correctly for endurance riding in the saddle.  It isn't a trail saddle and doesn't sit like a trail saddle.  Barry asked why get one of those and I said that when I ride with The Lee Ann's that is what we are mostly doing - jogging or long trotting.  I would one day like to do a 25 mile Limited Distance ride. 

I will go ride him again tomorrow. 

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