Monday, July 30, 2012

Barefoot trimming is hard work

I went out to the barn today thinking I might ride.  I saw Lee Ann B. leaving as I was arriving.  She is going to visit her family in Canada tomorrow so she will be gone all week.  Lee Ann P said she didn't want to ride when I saw her on the back wash rack.

 I knew that Biscuit's feet needed to be trimmed so I brought him up.  I put on my handy dandy cool vest and dipped my Chilly Pad so I could put it around my neck.  I rolled up my jeans so they wouldn't get wet and put on my Ariats so my toes didn't take a beating if Biscuit decided to compare feet again. 

I took the time to spray Biscuit's tail with Oxyclean.  It is dingy looking.  His mane and tail are cornsilk colored right now instead of white.  I think it is time for a spa day.

I think my round knife needs to be professionally sharpened - I used it to clean out his frog area and there was some thrush going on.  That wasn't surprising since it has been wet as all get out.  His front right hoof looks like it is getting some good concavity.  He was pretty good about letting me do his feet.  His back hoof has that nasty hole in it again.  Sigh...who knows if that will ever be truly gone?

Lidia came with feed for the old girls that are staying in the arena.  Biscuit was highly interested in that.  They were feeding early today so I had her bring Biscuit's feed too.  She is such a sweet girl!!!  Biscuit was delighted to dig into feed early.  I also gave him a few handfuls of alfalfa.  I rinsed his tail out and brushed it and his mane.

OMG it was so hot today.  I had on a cool vest, a Chilly neck wrap and two fans going on me and I still had sweat pouring off of my face.  It wore me out - barefoot trimming is hard work!!!

When I got home I had a FB text from Ricky V about the bobcat track thing out at Tyrrell.  He asked where it was and said he was going to work on the trails tomorrow!!!  Woot!  I sent a link to the trail on Everytrail where I had made a waypoint for it.  I asked if he could make us more trails and he said he would ride the trails tomorrow and look for places to add us some trails in.  Wow wee!!!!  That will be fantastic!!!  I would love to have more trails out there in the woods.  I love riding at Tyrrell Park!!!  I may go riding there tomorrow.  It was blazing hot yesterday and today so maybe they have dried up some.  A few more days of hot days and it should bake that stuff to clay instead of mud!!

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