Sunday, July 29, 2012

Muddy Ride around Tyrrell Park

Biscuit and I loaded up for a trip to Tyrrell this morning.  He ate his breakfast in the trailer on the way there.  I got to the park and unloaded Biscuit.  I brushed him and considered putting boots on him but changed my mind.  His saddle seems to fit so much better since pulling out the shims of his saddle pad.  Kellie arrived and tacked up Elan while we chatted.

We went around to the park road and went in where I had checked out the trails Friday.  They were muddy.  Dang, I didn't get much rain yesterday but obviously Tyrrell Park did.  We went down the trails and they were muddy and wet but not sloppy.  I took the lead on some of the trails, giving Biscuit a few pops on his shoulder.  Once he refused and kept backing up right into a tree.  LOL  I was wearing limbs and leaves for a hat.  We were swatting spiders left and right.  One got wrapped around my crop but I was able to shake it off!!!

We got down to the end where we would go out to the bayou and the grass hasn't been cut in ages and was as tall as our seats in the saddle.  Ugh.  It would have been like that for 7 miles if we had gone to the back.  We decided to just go back to the trailer.  We went forward as it was the shorter route.  It was a good training process for Biscuit.  He will sometimes still refuse to lead in muddy conditions - even popping him on his shoulder with a crop didn't change his mind - but he would follow Elan.  It was pretty boggy going forward in one spot and Biscuit picked up the pace but he never got nervous or goofy acting.  We got back to the trailer and rode over to check out the cute little Halflinger that Kenny has over there.  OMG he is darling!!!!!  I wanted to load him up in the Brenderup and brind him home with me.  He has the prettiest mane and forelock.  So cute!!!  That grey horse that got away a few weeks ago was over a ways in the paddock and was cribbing.  Poor guy - he has issues. 

We then untacked the horses and washed them off.  I cleaned Biscuit's hooves and sprayed his face.  He isn't crazy about it but he is getting better at it.  He was trying to drink the spray of the water today.

He licked some Diet Coke out of my hand. He is so funny.  I tied him to the trailer and Kellie and I went over and gave the horse in the arena some water.  I petted the Halflinger - way way too cute.  He has such a chunky little body...he moves nicely too. 

Kellie and I decided to try and ride at the beach next Sunday.  Until the trails dry or they cut the back, Tyrrell is not going to be a fun place to ride!

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