Saturday, July 28, 2012

Biscuit and I go for a solo ride

Horse trailers come in handy for all kinds of work.  Barry loaded up his Zero Turning Radius Lawn Mower and hauled it to Jarrod's house today.  He took out the divider and drove up the ramp!  On top of that, he hauled in my Rav...the nerve!!!

I drove over to Tyrrell Park today to check out the trails.  I went in by the pavilions and the trails were dry as the could be in both directions.  I was surprised as we have had a lot of rain and last week the trails right there were lakes.  I went home and baked cakes and Devin helped me put the breast bar back in the trailer.  I hauled over to the barn to get Biscuit.  He went to the other side of the pasture when he saw me.  Cash Kitty in the next pasture took off and so did Biscuit.  He cracks me up when he canters along bouncing like a cat - tail flagging like he is an Arabian - he stops and faces me, snorting and blowing hard.  He runs down the fence line and back, runs up to Sarge and rears up...backs off and is blowing to beat the band.  I walk up to him and he just stands there while I put his halter on.  He slowly walks to the trailer.  LOL he is so funny.

He loaded right up - he is such a good boy.  I loaded my tack and then got a bucket of water for my cool vest.  We hauled out to the park stables...I saw Kenny turning in before I got there.  I spoke to him and Traci briefly.  They were headed for Sam's. 

I got Biscuit out of the trailer and he was soaking wet.  It is hot but not blazing as it is nearly 5:50 PM.  I tacked him up.  The saddle fits better without the shims in his saddle pad.  He startled once at the chickens.  I mounted up easily - he stands like such a good boy. 

We go into the woods and to the right.  Water is on the trails until I turn the corner and then it was long patches of dry with some patches of water.  We got to the second ride away and it looked pretty wet going forward so we went down the ride away.  Almost to the end when it got mushy and Biscuit go a little disconcerted.  He wanted to turn back...he wasn't familiar with that trail!!!  So we turned back.  I wasn't nervous but he seemed to be.  Once back on the trail we hit a jog.  He collected up nicely and did as I commanded.  I went to brush off a mosquito and touched his flank with my crop and he scooted up fast.   We got to the trail head and I asked him to go forward.  He wanted to leave...I wanted to go forward.  I won.  He did as he as asked.

I took his tack off and gave him more carrots.  He was hosed off too.  I cleaned his hooves out.  He was just a doll.  I even sprayed his face.  He is very trusting of me now and is such a good boy.

I read today about someone who said someone was not taking care of their horses and one died of colic...sounds like from starvation.  That sickened me.  When I brought Biscuit to Plum Nearly he was nervous as a cat, scared of everything, would freeze up and look terrified.  He was also quiet a bit under weight and poor muscle tone.  He would spaz out in the arena and try to take off before I got in the saddle.  He would refuse to walk off from other horses.

Now, he is filled out, good muscle tone and while he will still get scared, he trusts me not to hurt him.  I rarely have any trouble with him anymore.  He will stand to be saddled, stand for a bath even if you are spraying his face, let me pick up all of his feet.  He has came a long way - he has wormed his way right into my heart.  I absolutely adore him now.  He is such a good boy...full of personality and not the frozen little zombie that I bought.  He is my buddy. 

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