Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Short ride up at Ebenezer

Barry hauled the horses to Ebenezer on Friday morning.  When he was leaving I told him to make sure he put Biscuit on the left hand side of the trailer.  He and Red always cut their hocks on the round head of that bolt in the side.  They are both longer horses than Sarge and their hocks are right on top of that stupid bolt!!!

I was working on a wedding cake and a groom's cake.  They rode Saturday morning and afternoon.  Kellie said Biscuit paced his pen all day whinnying for Sarge.  When I got there at 7:00 PM Saturday evening I could tell he had lost weight this week.  I hadn't seen him since Tuesday as I was working on cakes.

We got up Sunday morning and visited with Kellie and Randy.  Then we saddled up - this would be my first ride in the new Allegany.  I told Barry just a short ride as I was very tired.  Wedding cakes can wear you out!  We went down the road to the gate, through the gate, back to the four way and then back to the park.  My feet went numb within 7 minutes or so.....the middle seam in my jeans were pressing in a spot that wasn't happy to be pressed by jeans.

Kellie said "That saddle doesn't fit you."  I said my feet are numb!!!!!  They finally got feeling back in them and I was glad.

I rode all of 1.5 miles.   Just too tired to ride and my feet were not happy.  I took Biscuit's saddle off and it seems to fit him perfectly.  I think the pad is a little thick.  If this saddle doesn't work out I will order a Steele, sell this one and ride in my Aussie!

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