Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sarge gets his front hooves rasped

Nosy Sarge had already knocked over the shampoo!

Sarge's shapely toes

Where is the Chuck Wagon? It is LATE!!!

Beautiful Sarge

I can see the Chuck Wagon...it will be coming around the mountain soon!!

I need to get back to my pasture so my dinner can be served

Sarge and Biscuit waiting on the chuck wagon looking shiny as all get out!

I went out to the barn today to do Biscuit's back hooves. He was fine walking up to the barn and even trotted for a while. But when he got on the concrete he was suddenly was crippled...the lawn mower went by...omg...it was a Biscuit eating machine. I hosed him off because he was sweating. Lee Ann came out and I had her look at his front hooves. She didn't think I had rasped them too short but Biscuit did have red streaks in his coronary bands and on his white line. He had some bruises. Bless his heart. Edgar and I gave him 1 cc of Bute to make sure he was comfortable - he was fine in the grass and wanting to canter going back. I decided to not do his back feet until Thursday because his feet are tender. I don't know if I will ever get his feet to NOT be tender. His feet are flat and I kept hoping they would start going concave. I sometimes get a LITTLE concavity but not much.

I am going to have to do some research on that. I want to help him get to where he is no longer a tender footed boy.

I pulled Sarge up and gave him a bath and washed his mane and tail. I scrubbed his face with Baby Shampoo using a brush to scrub the rain rot looking stuff off of his face. I used Cowboy Magic in his mane and tail - his tail does like Gal's used to...it wraps around itself in a spiral. I got that cleared out and hosed out his sheath gently.

I then started on his front hooves. He had some nasty thrush moldy looking stuff that I scraped out with my circular knife. I know it has been wet and nasty and what a great place for that to grow. I scraped out the white chalky material and then rasped his feet down. He has such BEAUTIFUL concave hooves - not cleft in his frogs - just gorgeous feet.

He can be a little snot sometimes doing his feet but we got through it. I gave him some alfalfa for being such a good boy and took him back down to the paddock. I took a bunch of pictures of him and Biscuit.

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