Thursday, September 27, 2012

Brushy Creek and Bow Season

Kellie texted/emailed me Wednesday morning and said that it would be bow season at Brushy Creek so they wouldn't be going.  She switched to reservations at Ebenezer the next week.  Dang.  I could have swore I checked all of that out.  I can't go the following week as I have a cake.  It is a small cake but it is on the books.  I called Happy Horse and Hollis said they did have availibility and we could ride at McKinney Roughs.

I called the lady at Brushy Creek and she said they have never had a problem with it as they are always full in October as is the place down the road.  I decided to go as we ride at Ebenezer during bow season. 

I will be getting us Orange Vests to wear and I will see if I can get an orange cover for my helmet and Barry and Orange Hat - Hahahaha he probably has a UT hat that will work!  I am going to get orange material and make the boys an orange rump blanket that will be highly visable. 

I wish we could all go together but I understand not being comfortable with it.  Dang...Kellie and I had really been looking forward to it, too.

We will have to plan something else for another trip. 

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