Monday, September 10, 2012

Wooo Hoooo Great Ride complete with Growling

Kellie and I met at 9:30 AM at Tyrrell Park.  I tacked Biscuit up after grooming him.  He is shedding like crazy oddly enough.  Kellie had to change out her stirrups on her saddle to her Circle Y stirrups.  We mounted up and took off to the right side of the trail.  We went out on the bayou riding through vegetation that was sometimes taller than our heads!

We went down the bayou and crossed the bridge.  We dismounted and cleaned hooves.  Biscuit had some rocks that were heck to get out for some reason.  We continued on down past the pipe that shoots out the water and a little 2 foot black snake crossed in front of me.  Biscuit didn't appear to see it.  We went straight to the right side of the bog.  OMG it is grown up out there but absolutely gorgeous.  Green and lush everywhere you look.  We went all the way to the back and stood in knee deep green grass and let the horses graze for a while.

We started to the left through the little trail and it was overgrown but passable.  When we got to the main trail it was so overgrown it was hard to see what was trail and what was not!!  We went all the way across and it was simply breathtaking it was so pretty back there.

We started up the other side of the blog and hit a trot and trotted all the way to the front.  It was so much fun.  The weather was incredible.  Biscuit didn't even break a sweat.  Low humidity is my friend.  We crossed the little land bridge and headed for the big bridge.  We got up to the top and we could see a truck had wanted to cross but he backed up so we could cross the bridge.  We talked to the city worker and he said they had cut all the trail by the bayou 3 weeks ago. OMG it has grown up like crazy with the heat and the rain.

I dismounted to clean Biscuit's hooves because he tripped a few times.  Nothing in them but when I remounted I twisted my back.  OMG that didn't feel good.  hahahah  Kellie and I laughed about us being crippled up old ladies.

We could see two riders coming towards us and one of the horses was constantly jigging and being turned into circles.   It was Therese (the lady that lead back the Halflinger the day that other lady got ill out on the trail) and some of the girl riding a new horse of Kenny's that was off the track.

We went down a little further and Kellie said she wanted to canter so I said,  Let's go.  I kicked Biscuit into a canter and he went into it smoothly but kept wanting to slow down and drop it.  Hahhahaha this from the boy that always wanted to speed up.  I kept urging him into the canter but Elan felt the same so we stopped. We got to the area where the vegetation was so tall and I said "let's trot" and off we went.   How fun it was going through that but Biscuit bobbled a few times and startled at little things but we still were laughing and having a great time.

We slowed and were talking and I heard a sound like a low rumbling like a motor far away but it was close.  Kellie said go faster - it is growling!!!  We kicked up into a canter and took off!!!  Biscuit did an EXCELLENT job of cantering - not galloping!  I was so proud of him and of ME!!! YAY!!!

Kellie said it was something growling and that it got louder.  I said it sounded like a motor and she said no!!  "It was GROWLING!!!"  We don't know what it was but we decided we didn't want to know.

We entered the woods and he through it in reverse at that area by the trail head.  He never had a problem with this place in the past but he has in the last few times we have been there and walked out on to the bayou to just look around.

We went to the right and got past the bob cat track and I could hear people talking and something crashing around.  I called out hello hello but no one answered and Biscuit was on high alert but he finally relaxed.  We trotted though quiet a bit of the trail and the horses still had barely broke a sweat.

It is amazing the difference of humidity makes!  The horses were barely sweating and Saturday Biscuit was dripping wet with sweat.  It wasn't really hot Saturday - just humid.  Almost the same distance, same kind of riding.....way better on Sunday.  It was sheer bliss!

Morning Glories in an arch - so pretty

Barely broke a sweat after 8.5 miles!

Biscuit and Elan enjoying the lush green grass

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