Monday, September 10, 2012

Here Piggy Piggy Piggy

It was nice weather today so I wanted to ride again.  I stopped at the old Guzardo's (it is now MidCounty Feed) and got some fly spray and some new gloves to use when I do the horse's hooves.  They were purple...that is what caught my eye.  And they were only $2.99.  I paid about $14 for the last pair I had and I thought these might do the trick.

I picked up Biscuit and headed to Tyrrell Park.  I got him tacked up and mounted up.  He gave me a little bit of flack about going by himself but he realized that there were no other horses so he decided to just go!  We went to the right and Henry the Chicken was at the trail head clucking away.  We walked probably about 2/3 of the way making sure we didn't run into a spider web and then we jogged some.  We got to the trail head and he gave me a little flack but decided to go.  We turned around and went back to the left.  I hit a jog and held it towards the back.  I decided we were going to canter.  I clucked to him and kissed him up and he hit a canter.  We cantered for a short while and came upon lots of downed branch pieces so we slowed.  We passed the pieces and a muddy area and I asked for the canter again and he picked it up immediately.  Good boy!!!  I wasn't nervous or scared.  I just enjoyed it.  After that he kept wanting to speed up and I had to insist he walk.  We rounded the back and passed some of the mud and I asked for the canter.  He hit the canter and when we got to a rough spot he bobbled a little so we started walking.  We walked to the front and then hit a jog and jogged almost the entire length going around til we got back to the front and OMG we rounded the corner and there were pigs in the trail.  Two black ones and a white one.  Two were rolling in the dirt.  The one mounted the other to make bacon - like we need more pigs!!!  They went down the trail and I followed from a distance.  I could here one in the woods to my right and I stopped Biscuit.  A little bitty one come to the edge of the trail but still covered by alot of vegetation.  I could see it though and he looked at me like "That is not my momma!!!" and melted back into the woods.  Biscuit walked past the trail head like a good boy so I turned him around and we went out.  

I went 5.5 miles today and cantered 3 times. So proud of myself. I may one day be a good rider again. Biscuit was pretty much a doll all day. He had a little gall spot on his left side I hosed him off and loaded him up. I unloaded him at the wash rack and put Silvadine on his bobo. He has never had gall marks so I don't know what is up with that. I then rasped his feet. He was a bit of a pill about it. I think his front left toe had grown at a much faster rate than the right and that was causing him to trip yesterday. I think I got it under control but will ask Lee Ann P to look at them next time I see her. I now have 227 miles for the year. Hoping to catch up to next year.

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