Saturday, September 15, 2012

Riding wih Barry and Kellie

Barry went riding with me today.  We went out to the barn and down to the paddock.  Sarge took one look at us and turned around and took off.  Biscuit followed.  Took me 15 minutes to catch them.  Biscuit was charging around, tail flagging, snorting and blowing.  LOL  he was channeling his Arabian side.

Got them loaded up and headed out.  OMG 9 bazillion people at the park for a 5k run for Cancer!

I had to put my girth back onto the saddle.  Biscuit's front right heel bulb looked a little bruised so I will keep an eye on it. I forgot my step stool so I mounted on the picnic table.  We took off and went down the canal.  I cantered Biscuit and he picked up the canter quickly and easily and held the speed even though Sarge was way ahead of him. 

I could tell his heel was somewhat tender on the ride.  Back in the woods we went around slowly to make sure we didn't run into spiders.  I had a hard time seeing the webs.  When we got around to the little outlets to the park road Barry and Kellie went out.  I stayed in.  The crowds were gone.  It was getting hot.  I tried to get Biscuit to go without them and after a little fuss he went.  At the trail head they went out and I made Biscuit go back and forth and he did after a tiny bit of fuss. What a good boy.

We had a great time!

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