Thursday, September 20, 2012

Riding Solo down the Bayou with Biscuit

I loaded up and went for a ride today. I tacked up and mounted up around 2:00 PM. There were several city trucks and one was moving when I headed out. Biscuit looked at it a little funny and he moved SO SLOW but he went without too much fuss. To the right in the woods and he was walking S-O S-L-O-W I had to urge him forward. I could see that sand had been put down in a bad spot and that the bayou had been cut!!! I walked Biscuit out there and when we go on the bayou a big fish jumped up and splashed. I saw the fish and Biscuit was a little startled because I think he was nervous. We went down the way and he seems a little flummoxed by the cut grass and kept trying to move over to the tall grass. He kept looking around very nervously and moving slowly. I asked him to trot and he did for about 2 strides! I went out to the second ride away and turned him around. I had wanted to ride out to the bridge but he was nervous and this is exercises to make both of us confident.  We will try this again next week.

Cut grass next to Willow Bayou

To Cattail Marsh Trail
I turned him around and he was still moving slowly and looking around like he expected the earth to open up and eat him. I finally got him into a s-l-o-w jog near the opening of the woods. I missed the opening and he stopped and backed up when I missed it because it is kind of overgrown! We walked in to the trail and going to the right is where he throws it into reverse. He stopped and looked LONG and HARD at a log. He finally moved a few steps, then stopped and made the loudest groaning noise that I have ever heard - and then he did it again. He is such a funny guy. We walked down the trail and did a slow jog. I got to where the trail towards Cattail Marsh is and it had been cut!!! Yay! We could barely see it because it had grown up so much. There were a few nasty spiders but Biscuit is pretty good about side passing now. We went all the way down the trail and back. So glad it was cut - it adds to my ride and I like that. I put Biscuit in a jog on the main trail to almost the end and then walked him. He went past the trail head easily with no trouble. Good boy!!! I took his tack off and gave him more treats and loaded him up. When I got to the barn I talked to Lee Ann P and loaded their feed. I got two salt blocks for the boys and will replace them. I put them in a big baggie. Got home and got out pillows, sheets and blankets for this weekend's camping trip. I made chicken and rice to serve for dinner. Looking forward to our rides. Kellie and I are hoping to make a ride tomorrow. Woot!!! I am way behind on miles for the year but with all the rain we have had it is a miracle I got in this much riding!

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