Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Whitening the Biscuit's Mane and Tail

I went out to the barn and got Biscuit.  He was wet with sweat!  I got him up to the front and tied him up and he was upset that the hose was hanging from the ceiling.  A little change in plumbing was not to his liking.  I rinsed his sweat off and he had crusty stuff behind his front right hoof and I rinsed it off - I thought at first it was scabs but it didn't appear to be that after I washed it off.

I got out the rasp and worked on his front and back left hooves to smooth out the  edges.  Then I washed his mane and tail with purple shampoo and OxyClean.  His mane and tail were dingy and that formula really works.  I added some Cowboy Magic to clear out the tangles.  His mane and tail looked fabulous!

Allisa (new girl) was working with Charlie in the arena, Edgar was mowing grass close by and I was hosing up by his ears and he was pretty darn good about it.  Not too long ago, that could have caused a scared frightened guy and now he was a little upset over the water but nothing bad!  I was so proud of him!  

I took him out by the side of the wash rack and let him eat grass.   I then took him back down to his paddock and filmed some of it with my phone!

My mane is white and so is my tail!!!
Looks like Biscuit was aggravating Sarge and has a badge to show for it

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