Friday, September 7, 2012

Riding in the arena again

Barry and I went out out to the barn and Lee Ann B and her daughter Erin were just leaving.  We talked to them and they are going riding in the morning as are Kellie and I.  Woot!!!  We went down to the pasture and brought up Biscuit and Sarge.  I brushed Biscuit all over and he was shedding like crazy and he was FULL of dirt.  I tacked him up while Barry tacked up Sarge.  Allisa was working with her little cream colored mare in the other side of the arena.

I mounted up and realized I didn't have on my helmet.  I dismounted and took Biscuit with me to the tack room and got my helmet.  I never ride without it anymore.  I mounted back up and Biscuit and I walked, jogged and walked and jogged.  Side passing both ways and turning on the forequarters.  He did a great job today even while Sarge was galloping around the arena with Barry and the cream mare was being lunged or ridden at a canter in the other side at times.  He behaved beautifully today.  

I hosed him off after I was through and washed his face because it was filthy.  He wasn't too happy about it but I just kept after it til I got his face clean.  I snapped these pictures going down the road behind them and after Barry turned the boys loose.  He'd brushed Sarge and washed him off so he was clean and shining like copper.

Looking forward to our ride in the morning.  Cool weather is on its way and we are so excited about that!!

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