Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Big Bag of Treats and Conditioning a Saddle

I went to Tractor Supply to see if they had the leather conditioner I had bought on line so I could condition my Allegany Saddle again.   The saddle is getting broke in so I wanted to give it another go with the conditioning.  Soft saddles are a nice thing to ride in!  My knee likes an easy to turn stirrup.  

I couldn't find the conditioner I had bought before but Luxol had one that wasn't supposed to darken the leather so I picked that up.  I saw the Dobbin Treats on sale for $6 and I was going to grab one of those when I saw a huge #20 bag of Dobbin Treats for $14.99 instead of the $6 for about 3.5 lbs so I scooped up the bag.

I texted a pic of it to Kellie and she said to watch that it didn't get bugs in it.  I went out to the barn and got the old Dobbin's bucket and filled it up and filled up a fondant bucket I had out there.  That took up quiet a bit of them.  I took some to the boys and Sarge was thrilled to get a treat.  Biscuit stayed in the center of the pasture -hahahhaha I think he was for sure the trailer was somewhere and his butt was being hauled to ride!!  I went out there and checked his bobo which is healed and gave him some treats.  I have a huge bucket at home that I am going to put the rest of the treats in so it keeps bugs out.  I might freeze them.  

I came home and took my saddle out of the Brenderup after removing the hairy girth.  I got my stepping stool and a rag and got after it.  I sprayed the saddle in sections and rubbed the conditioner in.  I moved the stirrups and oiled the ties and the girth straps.  My saddle is clean as it can be and the straps and tie strings are soft!

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