Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rasping Hooves, Cantering in the Arena

I went to the barn while they were working on the AC.  I wanted to rasp Biscuit's hooves.  They seem to grow unevenly!  One hoof grows quiet a bit and the other a little less.  One of his back hooves has really thick hoof walls and one has much thinner hoof walls. 

I rinsed him off as he was full of dirt from rolling when he was wet.  I rasped his hooves and he was pretty good.  I think his front hooves need to have the heels brought down and I will be working on that.  I wanted to clean his mane and tail and but I had left the OxyClean in the trailer so I just cleaned it with the purple shampoo.  I wet his mane and tail really good and then I put in the shampoo and lathered it up.  I pulled his forelock back through his halter so it woul be cleaned to without worrying about getting soap in his eyes.  I left the lather in his hair for about 15 minutes and then rinsed it out.  Here he is with a clean mane and tail

I then decided to try to braid his mane and stood on a stool.  He was kinda flummoxed by that but didn't seem to really bother him.  I need to maybe be on his back to get it braided the way I want it.

So while I was up there I took the opportunity to desensitize Biscuit on his ears.  He is a little funny about his head but is getting better.  I was touching him softly, combing his forelock and started touching his ears.  I was standing behind his head but talking softly to him and stroking his ears and rubbing the inside of them.  He seemed just fine with 99% of it.

Good Boy Biscuit!!!  I kept at that for quiet a bit and then got my tack out.  I also put up the fly sheet I had had on Biscuit earlier this year.  I had to climb up the stairs at the barn and put it in a bin up there.  Gaaaa....there are no hand rails on the ladder stairs so I backed down them like a ladder because I am a sissy.

I tacked him up and the Lee Ann's returned with Alison so we were all on the wash rack.  Lee Ann P brought Lateif in from the big arena and had an ice pack on a huge vein on her neck.  Something must have bit her right there and she had a reaction to it.  It was about 6" long and as thick as my little finger.  Poor girl!!!!  Lee Ann put her back in the big arena and had Crimson Dancer up to do her hooves.  Lee Ann B and Rogue were in the arena working on some things her daughter Erin worked with him on.  I mounted up and walked Biscuit round and round and did some jogging round and round. 

I told them about Biscuit and me trying to get a canter down so they helped me work on my canter.  OMG I nearly scared myself silly and was stiff as a board.  I got him into a canter and he feels like he is all over the place - I am ALL OVER THE PLACE but I did it.  Over and over - some good - some not - some him fighting me some him not.  Lee Ann P got in the arena and said to raise my hands, lock my elbows and we did several rounds around the arena working on my hands, elbows, legs, etc.

Biscuit is pretty good at leg yields - I gave him the wrong leg once and then I realized it was me not him.  He sometimes wants to go where he wants to go but he is a sweet boy.  Thank God for Lee Ann P, Lee Ann B and Alison.  They are wonderful to share their skills with me.

Tuesday I was so sore and stiff.  I was sore because I was stiff in the saddle.  I will need to learn to relax.  I took his tack off and he got a treat of a carrot.  I washed my girth as it was nasty and I sprayed my saddle pad til it wasn't dripping out salt any longer!!! 

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