Sunday, September 16, 2012

Brilliant Biscuit

Kellie and I planned another ride for today.  I went out and got Biscuit - he walked to the other side of the pasture but he wasn't a problem to catch.  He loaded right up.  I put water in the huge "baggie" for my Kool Vest and headed for the park.  I could see a truck and trailer under the trees from the road.  Someone was riding or so I thought.

I got into the stables and the truck had caught on fire.  Oh My.  It was Stable Spirit that does the equine therapy.  It looked like the battery had caught on fire.    I certainly hope no one was hurt.  What a shame.  They do such wonderful work!

I parked over by the picnic table and when I opened the ramp I could see Biscuit had a cut on his back right hoof.  I treated it with Furazone.  Don't know what he did to it - it was fresh.  I tied him up to the back grommet of the trailer because of an ant bed.  I brushed him and tacked him up and Kellie arrived and got Elan tacked up.  I passed out treats to both of them. 

We mounted up and took off.  The ground was very soft and sticky but not much standing water and it had rained like cats and dogs over in Beaumont yesterday.  We road to the first ride away and Elan chose to go to the left!  Hahaha  we went down the ride away and came to the place where Biscuit refused when it was muddy.  It was still muddy and he refused but Elan went and he followed.  We went back to the right on the trail and saw a few hogs when we were near the back.  Biscuit was like a giraffe looking at them.  We went around to the other side and took the other ride away back to the other side and rode the rest of the trail.  At the trail head I asked Biscuit to keep going even as Kellie left the trail - and he did.  Good boy.  We went a few yards and turned around and went the other way with no problem.  Good boy!!!!  I walked him out to the trailer and told Kellie how good he had done.  Then...major test.  I asked him to return to the trail head and woo hoo!  He did without a fuss and went both ways without a problem .  Good Boy!!  Walked out of the woods and asked for a trot and transition to canter - LOL he took off pretty fast and was going faster with each step.  I asked him to slow down and he started tossing his head side to side like he used to and wasn't stopping.  LOL I was standing in the stirrups pulling him back and he stopped finally.  Hahahahaahaa  so he isn't really perfect but it was good for me.  I wasn't upset, scared, startled or anything other than had a good time.  I was surprised at the head tossing but he did listen.

We hosed them off and cleaned hooves.  We went and had a good look at that truck.  What a shame.  I got a call from Devin and he was in a ton of pain so I told Kellie I was going to take him to her ER.  We did go to the ER and they lanced cyst that had developed.  Poor Dev.  He was in agony.  Doesn't matter how old your baby is...a mom never likes to see their babies in pain.

I hurried to get Biscuit back to the barn so I could take Dev. 

We rode 2.8 miles today. 

Zig and Zag through the mud

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