Friday, September 28, 2012

Tack Attack

I have a ton of tack...two fuschia bridles (one with the price tags still on it) the breast strap to match and closed reins, another bridle with a banana bit on it for Red, a headstall with the Les Vogt bit, a cavason, braided reins that Ronnie made, a headstall that matched my first Allegany saddle and two sets of reins for it.  (Biscuit stepped on one and broke it) a couple of snaffle bits, a martingale, lounge line, bell boots, several girths.  Numerous saddle blankets.  We own 4 saddles, 2 western, 1 Aussie and one Endurance.  3 saddle stands, cantle bag, pommel bag, water bottle holders. saddle bags, helmet, crop, buggy whip and of course buckets, haybags, halters, lead ropes,  our main bridles that we use and Barry has my old buckskin edged bridle with a Les Vogt snaffle bit and reins. 

I have tons of ointments, cleansers etc.  I went to see the horses today and kissed them up and then went into the tack room.  I took a bunch of the tack and put it into a blue tote and put it under one of the saddle stands.  I can see stuff now!!!

I talked to Lee Ann P this afternoon.  She sent me an email about an endurance ride in November.  She and Ellissa are going to give it a go.  I have a wedding cake but that doesn't mean I can't give it a go.  I do want to go to the High Roller on December 29 or 30th.  If I can't go to the one in November I will go to that one.  I need to work on my cantering in the arena and get that down pat.  I want to ride in an endurance ride....even if it is just once!!! 

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