Thursday, September 6, 2012

Riding in the Arena

I went to ride today - FINALLY!!!!!  I spoke to Lee Ann P when I had arrived and she said Ebenezer was so NICE - there were trees down and lots of it - but the weather had been glorious and they stayed in the front of the park - they didn't cross Letney Road.  We are going in two weeks and I hope the weather is nice.

I went and got Biscuit and put him on the wash rack.  Sadda was on the rack too and he was snorting and blowing.  I told him to pipe down and went over and fussed at him when he kept snorting and blowing.  He settled down and decided to ignore Biscuit.

I tacked Biscuit up and mounted up in the arena.  He stepped away and I had to reset the mounting block.  I fussed at him and then he stood still.  We rode for 40 minutes, walking, jogging, trotting.  He yielded to leg pressure across the diagonal of the arena perfectly.  He side passed on both sides with not too much fuss.  The backing up was a little snotty at times but he did it.  He kept trying to get off rein but for the most part he was pretty good.  We worked on turning on the haunches/forehand and I am not real sure at this moment which one he is doing correctly!  I will have to get Lee Ann to coach me on that.  It has been awhile since I worked on that - but whichever one he is doing he is doing a good job of it!  LOL

I rinsed him off and cleaned behind his fetlocks.  I don't know if it was just dirt or little scabs.  Seemed more like dirt.  I rinsed out his sheath - he had some big chunks in it.  They will have their sheaths cleaned after we come back from Mississippi next month when I have their teeth floated.  He got a handful of alfalfa for being a good boy.

I put Biscuit up and went home.  Later Barry and I took carrots out to the boys.  I was brushing Sarge's tail because he has it all snarly from rubbing his butt.  I took the brush and was brushing Biscuit's forelock and he lifted up his face and acted like he was going to nip my arm...I saw teeth open- oh HELL NO.  He got a sharp BOP on his nose with the brush.  He was kind of surprised but didn't freak out.  Neither did I but I don't play with teeth.  I will box his ears if he ever bites.  He has never bit me but a few times I have seen the teeth come into play.  Uh....NO.  He followed me around for awhile til we left.  Barry had lunged Sarge and gave him a carrot.  Sarge and Biscuit love carrots.
Barry and Sarge

This was taken two days ago - I love the look on his face!

Biscuit Man

Yesterday I got a call from a city employee who is the supervisor over Tyrrell Park.  He thanked me for calling to compliment the parks and asked what they could do to help make the park better.  I said get rid of some of the hogs!!  He was surprised that they were at the trail head!!!  I also said we really appreciated all they did and that the park was available to us and we loved riding there.  I asked is more trails could be added - small narrow paths not huge wide trails.  Hopefully that will come to pass - it was so nice to talk to him and I know that Kellie and I are glad to have that park to ride in!!!

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