Monday, January 7, 2013

First Ride of the Year 2013

I met Lee Ann B out at the ranch and brought up the Biscuit.  He was filthy.  I brushed his coat and thank goodness most of his dirt came off!!! 

I tacked him up and Lee Ann was already in the arena walking Rogue around.  I got Biscuit ready and went into the arena, picked up the steps and put Biscuit in the corner of the arena.  I went to step on and the saddle slipped.  I stopped and cinched him to 16th hole.  He has dropped some weight.  I went to get back on and OMG it was so hard.  My legs are so weak and I pulled my self on and used even the outside rail to right myself.  That was so upsetting and was in tears.  I am so afraid I will get to weak to get on my horse.  I can't wait til the 23rd so perhaps Dr. Murphy can tell me what is wrong with me.  I am scared I will always be this way - stumbling and unbalanced and not be able to ride without someone assisting me.

I got going and went round and round the arena.  Biscuit was being an angel.  So different from when I got him.  He was always a spastic in the arena.  We worked on a little of the giving at the poll to flex his head towards me.  We do that to wipe the mosquitoes from his face.  We rode about 30 minutes and I dismounted.  I took his tack off and Lee Ann was working with him to learn to bow.  Hahahaha  He did it once when I had gone into the barn to fine tape to put a carrot on a stick!  Serves me right! 

I did his feet after that.  The backs needed nipping but I just rasped the fronts.  His feet looked really good.  Lee Ann and I are going to meet at the barn tomorrow and hopefully ride with Lee Ann P when she rides Legato for the first time since her accident.  Hoping that goes well. 

Lee Ann B said that Julia bought Shalom and a horse transport will pick her up either Tuesday or Wednesday and haul her to Atlanta.  Hoping the best for Julia and Shalom!!  She is a great little mare.

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