Monday, January 7, 2013

Last Ride of the Year

Kellie and I went on the last ride of the year on December 30.  I had to walk all the way to the back of the pasture to get Biscuit and he loaded up nicely and we hauled to Tyrrell Park.  I parked in the big area nearer the trails as there was rainwater in the ditch.  I saw a HUGE tree down covering the right side of the trail head.  Oh Joy.  Kellie arrived and we walked over there to check it out.  It was the huge tree to the right of the trail head. 

Tree down at the trail head
 We tacked up and Kellie helped me adjust my stirrups after I had let them down for Adam to ride.  I was too bundled up to get on so I had to take off one jacket.  Then I mounted up.  We walked over and tried to find another path to the right but it wasn't real apparent and the palmettos were thick there.  We didn't need a poke in the eye for the horses so we went to the left.  Such a nice ride around.  Quiet - not trotting as the doctor ordered.  Came to the huge pallet from the opposite side and Biscuit put his feet up there and I think he wanted to back off but he went on up there and kinda waited a second with all four feet up on it and then walked off.  LOL he is such a funny boy.  We got up to the front and got a better look at the tree from the other side and saw it was all rotten on the side we never could see.We couldn't cross at the far right - the tree came down with a limb close to the main trunk and it would have been to wide for them to step over - they would have had to jump.  We found a path through the brush that wasn't apparent from the other side.  I had to slow Biscuit down - he was in a hurry for some reason.

Rotten!  Biscuit has backed up into this tree a few times when he thought the trail ride should be over!

Fresh hog tracks of a pretty good sized hog!!!  It was int he middle of the trail.  We didn't see any hogs today though.

Kellie and I continued on around and went down the little trail.  She stopped to eat her sandwich and Elan stopped dead in his tracks when he heard the rustling of a sandwich bag!!  I walked back to where she was and Biscuit and Elan were nose to nose almost.  Kellie had given Elan a bite of sandwich and he had a big old smear of mustard on his nose.  Biscuit stretched his nose toward Kellie entreating her to give HIM a treat.  Elan actually bit at him and gave him the ugly Gorilla Face.  I told Elan he was being a crank as I had gave him a treat that morning.  He bit at Biscuit again - not really biting him - just showing dominance.  Biscuit was unperturbed.  Kellie gave him a bite and he didn't care if Elan was being pissy about it.  Kellie and I thought it was hilarious because the mostly get along like a house on fire!  Horses are just so freaking funny!!!

We kept going and got towards the back and Biscuit was suddenly in a huge hurry and would walk off when I had stopped him to take pictures.  OMG we had to make this a huge training ride.  Walk a little ....! I SAID STOP.....Don't know what his huge hurry was all about.  I told Kellie for 2 cents he'd have been in a gallop back to the trailer.  He is a hoot.  We had to go through the brush again and OMG I had to get after Biscuit to SLOW DOWN going through there.  I didn't want him to mow me over with saplings!

We got back to the trailer and took their tack off.  Elan later came looking for his treats - LOL  I shared some treats with him.  He is just so funny.  Biscuit gobbled up loads of treats while I did his feet.

It was a fun ride but not very long...only around 4 miles.

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