Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Thundering through the Mud

It has been miserable weather here.  Today it was 38 degrees, 29 real feel and 93% humidity.  Woo Hoo.  Wet and nasty cold. 

I drove out with Betty to check on my boys.  I stopped at the tack room to grab a handful of treats because I left their carrots.  I got out there and the boys were in the bottom of the pasture.  At first they didn't budge...they were grazing.  I called to them and they started walking towards me and then busted out in a gallop running to me - mud flying everywhere.  Hahahah  they have never done that before.  Red used to run to me but Sarge and Biscuit never have. 

I shared the treats with them and rubbed their faces and patted their necks.  Too bad it was so nasty out there.  I wanted to hug them up.  They seemed quiet happy grazing and were little fluff balls.

Got back in the car and Betty said she thought they were so cute and got a big kick out of their running to me.  So did I.  What a big pick me up.  That is why I have my little fellows - they never fail to cheer me up. 

Just in case you are wondering - YES!  I am a little 12 year old horse crazy girl on the inside even if on the outside I am a fluffy, graying, stumbling almost 54 year old.  Horses are good for my soul.  I thank God daily for letting me have two of some of His most beautiful creations.  Love my Sarge and Biscuit.

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