Monday, January 28, 2013

Ride to the Back

Barry, Kellie, Randy, James and I all went riding today.  Barry and I got there first and I started tacking Biscuit up after grooming him.  It takes me longer - I put his boots on, I put the Garmin on, I put the helmet and camera just takes me longer.

I went to mount up and he moved.  Dang.  Set him straight and got back on the step.  He moved again.  He then got whapped and a stern STAND STILL.  He decided it was best to stand still.  I got on without assistance.

We went out to Cattail Marsh.  We saw some gorgeous pink spoonbills flying over the marsh and then landing.  So pink!!!  We went down Willow Bayou and crossed the bridge.  We stopped and Barry cleaned Sarge's hooves and then we kept going.  On the right of way down to the right hand side we could see hogs and some dang big ones at that.  We went straight at the land bridge.  We went around the curve and there were a zillion buzzards.  We went all the way to the back and down the bayou.  I saw a pelican and we ran into hunters/fisher people at the little cement bridge.  They had a fire going.  Two boats, 3 kids, 4 adult men.

We kept going and crossed the bridge and did a little jogging.  I was doing ok.  When we got back to the park area I jogged Biscuit quiet a way.  I need to make sure I can balance right.  I didn't have any problem.

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