Saturday, January 26, 2013

Trimming Sarge's Hooves

I have put off doing Sarge's feet forever.  Weather, my own health issues and the fact he wasn't be excuse but I went down and got him Thursday afternoon and brought him up.  I groomed him first and then started on his front feet.

I had finished nipping his front feet and clearing out the frog ends.  He had some bruising that was at the top I am sure from walking on the rocks at Mississippi.  One at the tip of his frog.  It was clear when I sliced that away.  He has fantastic feet.  He gave me a little trash but not too much.

Lee Ann came out and we visited.  I told her about being released from the doctor to ride as I please as my problem is not a spinal cord injury or condition of any sort.  I have sensorimotor polyneuropathy and the cause has not been determined.  I have to go to a neurologist for that and I will be going Wednesday.  I told Lee Ann I hope we can go on that girls trip we had talked about!  Legato is getting better so maybe in April we can go on a girls ride...Legato and I are the wonky ones at this time!

While I was talking to Lee Ann, Sarge was kissing me up on my face, shoulder, neck, my hair, my back.  OMG he is such a love bug.  Such a sweet boy.  Love him dearly.  

I finished Sarge's feet and only had to pop him once for not standing still but he kept pulling his feet from me. 

Lee Ann's little Halflinger Mike was there.   OMG he is DARLING.  A big hairy chuck of a boy.  I was giving him treats so he decided I was an ok girl.  Lee Ann said that the other Halflinger, Andy, had developed a cancer on the end of his penis poor boy.   He is over in Vinton and had surgery that morning to remove it with a laser.  She caught it early so he should be ok.  They are going to stay at the ranch for about 4 weeks so she can keep an eye on him and put the meds on him.  They are just darling and can't wait to see them on a regular basis.  Lee Ann was shaving Mike because his hair was so heavy.  Poor guy must be melting in that!

I got through with Sarge and put him up after hugging him up some more.

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