Monday, January 28, 2013

Saturday Ride

Barry went out to the barn this morning to ride Sarge.  I asked him to bring up The Biscuit.  I had to run to the carwash to vacuum the RAV4 and the trailer's tack closet.  Biscuit's bucket of treats had dumped over in there and it was a mess.

I got to the barn and Biscuit was a filthy mess on the wash rack and had pooped to boot.  Cleaned that up and then brushed Biscuit.  OMG he was covered in mud.  I put him in the trailer and hauled to Kellie's.  Randy had to help us get Elan in the trailer.  It took a little bit of maneuvering to get out of the driveway!   We hauled to the park and tacked up.  I mounted up without assistance and he stood very quietly.

We went out to Cattail Marsh and out the gates.  We went to the right at Willow Bayou and crossed over the little ditch without a hitch until Elan jumped it behind Biscuit!  Hahahah Biscuit scooted up so fast you would have thought a bear was after him.  We went up the bayou and crossed the ditch to the road and then heard a car coming so we had to get back into the ditch.  We crossed the bridge and around the hairpin turn.  OMG much scarier coming in that direction.  We went down the bayou and the horses were moving so slow we said we needed to put some more quarters in them!  We went up and down the little hills and one part was mushy and Biscuit jumped/scooted up like something had ate his leg.  He is so funny.

We jogged up part of Willow Bayou going back.  When we got to the front of Cattail Marsh we went into the woods to check how wet it was.  The ingoing trails were dry but the main trail was still under water.

We rode 6.3 miles.

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