Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hog Hunter Ride

 I finished my wedding cakes and went to bed early.  Saturday morning I was on the road to deliver them to Winnie.  Kellie and I were riding at 1:00 PM  I got out there just alittle before here and had to brush Biscuit.  OMG he was a pig but he looked good when I got through with him. I tacked him up and then Kellie arrived.  She had trouble catching Elan!

We went out Cattail Marsh.  A nice couple held the turnstile open for us and we went down the road from there.  We went down to the bridge and crossed over to the other side and rode up that side of the bayou.  It was torn up by hogs everywhere.  We encountered a man up towards the front that was hunting hogs.  We told him we ride there and he said that he was only shooting those close up!  We certainly hope so.  WE went on and around the gate at the front.  Elan went willingly this time.

We got on the bridge and Biscuit went on the other side when a man spoke to him.  Biscuit is still afraid of certain people.  The man even picked up on it and said "wow he was so brave coming around the fence"  Biscuit didn't start shaking but just moved out of the area!  We tried to cross over into the woods at one point and they were hesitating over crossing a tiny bit of water in the ditch.  We moved to a different spot as cars were coming and they finally went.  We think we were not in the "regular" place and they weren't happy about it.  We came back down the bayou and to the old gravel road.  Biscuit was a little tender footed and kept tripping on the rocks.  Biscuit pushed on the turnstile and I think with some work he would go through the turnstile.  What a good boy he is.  Our ride was 6.24 miles and was so much fun!

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