Sunday, January 13, 2013

Splish Splash Ride on Saturday

Finally!!!  Kellie and I planned a ride for Saturday morning at 9:00 AM.  I left the house at 7:45 in case it was hard to catch Biscuit.  He usually doesn't run around if I don't have Barry but you never know!  I only hauled down almost halfway through the pasture before theirs so he wouldn't walk to the back.  Their pastures are soaking wet! 

Biscuit and Sarge were at the front and I put his halter on and walked him to the trailer and loaded up.  I stopped at the barn and got his feed and the tack.  We hauled out to the park and got there around 7:35 or so.  Biscuit was filthy so I spent about 15 minutes grooming him.  He didn't look too thrilled to be curried.  Oh well - he was cleaner when I got through and then I tacked him up.  I also put his hoof boots on in case we went down Cattail Marsh's old graveled path.  Kellie arrived and got Elan out and he made a bee line for me.  LOL  he was looking for treats so I went and got him some.  He is so expressive and funny.  Just love him! 

Kellie held Biscuit while I mounted up - no problems thank God.  The yard area and trails had standing water and we carefully made our way to the road and walked around the park.  We crossed to the inside and Biscuit jumped a little ditch.  What a sissy.  He didn't want to walk in the water.  We got to Cattail and he didn't want to walk across the ditches that were full of water and I knew he would jump it.  I went to the gate and went around it which I didn't like to do because it was so soft and I didn't want him to hit something on the side of that because I couldn't see it!  We walked though the big double gates and headed down past the bogs.  OMG wet is not the word - sodden is more like it.

We got to new clear cut for the pipeline and there were mats all the way back there - trucks and equipment.  The horses both spooked HARD at something.  Dang...that made my legs go weak.  I thought Biscuit was going to fly to the moon but he just spooked in place.  We went down to the bridge, turned around and came back, passed up the gravel road and went down the bayou a ways and then turned around.  We headed back and Biscuit headed right for the gravel road.  He is so funny!!!

I gave him and Elan a ton of treats and we talked to KD for a while.  I had cakes so I had to hurry home.  I didn't take my Garmin and we rode about 4 miles.

Kellie had bought me a gorgeous purple cane - that was so sweet of her - it will be put to good use so I don't fall over.  My appointment is in 10 days from today.  I want to ride so I need to get this taken care of.

I hauled Biscuit back to the barn and he dropped down and rolled.  It was humid and kinda of warm today and he was sweaty.  Today (Sunday) it is freaking cold. 

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