Friday, January 25, 2013

Whitney Rides with The Biscuit

My little great niece Whitney came out to groom and ride The Biscuit.  She wasn't afraid at all - I showed her how to give Biscuit treats and he and Elan were just gobbling them up. I am hoping to interest Whitney in horses. 

She was so dang excited to ride!!!  Way to go Whitney!!!

Kellie and I then took off to the back of the golf course.  We found a little trail back there and went down it some but it needs to be cut back further.  We think Barry and Sarge are good candidates to do that.  We got into the back and through the little jungle and came upon a hog trap right where the golf course/back of flower park is,  We went down the bayou and Biscuit hit a litte trot.  It felt good - not bad.  We jogged some on the way to the trailer too.  Biscuit jumped the little ditch by the was a huge river all right!!

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