Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mounting up was easier

I went out to the barn today and got Biscuit.  Lee Ann B arrived just when I got to Sadda's old pen.  I tied up Biscuit and got his grooming tools.  He had some huge patches of mud all over him.  Lee Ann loaned me her circular knife and I worked on Biscuit's frogs.  He had a round red cut on his front left bulb that wasn't there yesterday.  Didn't appear to be an abscess as it didn't have pus nor did it seem tender.  It looked fresh.

I did his feet quickly and tacked him up.  Lee Ann B stood by to make sure I could get on.  It was so much easier today.  I think I need to go and mount up as many days as possible, even if I don't ride a long time.  Just mount up.  I need to keep those muscles working.

We rode around in the arena and Lee Ann P joined us on MiTye.  She is such a pretty mare.  I gave treats all around to the horses including Legato who is still on sick leave!  MiTye gobbled them up and I was quite taken with her.  I would buy her in a minute if I could afford another horse!

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