Saturday, March 7, 2015

Barry works Sarge in the arena

Barry got up this morning and went to the barn.  He brought the horses both up and called me to come out there.

I got out to the barn, gave Brutis a dog biscuit, then went to the arena.  Biscuit was on the washrack.  I took him and went over to the arena.  He munch grass while I talked to Barry.  Barry had worked with Sarge in the little arena - he was making him stand while he walked off.  LOL  Sarge is such at sweet fellow.

I ran to The Dollar General to get Lysol - I was out and wanted to soak Biscuit's hooves.  I got us lunch at Subway.  I cleaned Biscuit's hooves and set his feet in the buckets.  He wanted some of what I was eating as he always does.  LOL I gave him a TINY bit of my tuna flatbreat sandwich.  Bwahahahahaha Biscuit doesn't like tuna sandwiches.  He spit it out and I think he would have liked to have wiped his tongue off.  He kept winding his mouth around  -  it was funny.

He gave me grief with the buckets for awhile.  I moved him to the side closer to the arena and he did a little better.  He stood finally - I brushed him and and cleared out his tail.

Barry rode Sarge and worked with him.  I later brushed out his tail while soaking his front hooves.  His feet look great except frog on front hoof and it isn't bad but getting a jump on it.

Biscuit's hooves look pretty dang good.  Going to keep working at it!

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