Wednesday, March 18, 2015

To the vet and to the Royal Horse show

I was released from the doctor last Wednesday to ride!!!  Woo hoooooooo!!!

I went to the barn and loaded up my horses to take them to the vet.  I hauled them out to Doc's and Kassie got up in the trailer and gave them their shots, added tetanus and pulled a Coggin's on Sarge.
It was right at $180.  I paid cash for it.   I hauled them back and unloaded them.  I left the ramp down.
Biscuit's chest muscles later looked swollen and distorted.  Lee Ann P asked me about it and I said I had noticed.  It was gone today though but I took them a week ago.  I am not sure whether Kassie gave him his shots in his chest or neck.  She generally does it in the neck.

Barry and I went to the Royal show and it was nice.  Amazing to see the horses leap up and kick out.  The horses looked gorgeous with flowing manes and tails.

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