Monday, March 30, 2015

Finally got to ride

I finally got to ride Sunday!!!  I did a large wedding cake Saturday and was too tired to go out there.  I did go out there Friday with Jarrod to see them and give them a carrot!

I got Barry to go out there with me Sunday - he had rode Sarge out at Tyrrell Saturday  while I was working.  He brought both horses up Sunday and we brushed them.  Biscuit's hair is just coming out like crazy.  He is shedding out nicely.  Sarge hasn't really started to shed yet.  He looks like a scruffy Teddy Bear. 

I saddled Biscuit with the Steele saddle.  I had to go get a different girth out of the tack room.  I left the neoprene one at home.  Took a few minutes to get it set up.  Barry stepped in the saddle first and sat on Biscuit.   He walked him around and Biscuit was just fine with that.  I had Barry hold Biscuit while I mounted up.  I had a little trouble getting in the saddle.  My legs are weak and wobbly.   I walked him around and around.  Biscuit wasn't bad but he definitely needs to be rode because he wanted to go where he wanted not where I wanted!  LOL  I told him not happenin'!

Barry returned Sarge to his pasture.  I dismounted and got him to take pictures of me and Biscuit.   I soaked Biscuit's hooves.  I noted that the saddle is still too tight on his shoulders.  I am disheartened over that. 

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