Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Royal Horses at Plum Nearly and Farrier work

The Royal Horses were coming to Beaumont and we planned on going.  The day Barry worked Sarge in the arena Miss Jean told him the were stabling at the barn.

The day I fell and we went out to the barn is the day they arrived.  We just missed them by 30 minutes.  The next day we saw them at the barn on Monday.  Lovely horses.  Craig was trying to put a shoe back on one and he was giving him a fit - pulling away and hopping around.  LOL  I am sure Craig was used to that though.

On Tuesday stopped out at the barn and they were riding the black Freisan in the mare paddock wile the local news filmed.  Beautiful horses.  I met some of thse staff and they were very nice.  They needed some meds from Doc Schneider and I went and got it as I was going to Beaumont.  I stopped at the doughnut shop and got eclairs for Jamie and Edgar.  r th

I got back in time to bring the horses up because Mike was coming to trim their hooves.  Biscuit's hooves are getting more concavity.  Mike said that they used to be at 0 and now they at 3/4".  (I think that is right)  He did dig out the little divit in 3 of Biscuits hooves so that the Lysol soaking will get to the bad part.

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