Sunday, March 1, 2015

Thursday was a soaking day

I went Thursday to soak Biscuit's hooves.  It was COLD out there.  It was because of such a brisk wind that was blowing.  I had on my line heavy duty shirt PLUS my freaking coat and when in the wind was cold.  Gaaaa it was 50 degrees but felt like it was in the 30's because of the wind.

Biscuit gave me a little bit of fuss over standing in the buckets but I think we got them soaked good enough.   He munch on carrots and a handful of alfalfa.  I took more carrots down to Sarge.  I had also went a bought Brutis' favorite dog biscuits and handed one to him.  He is such a big ol' sweetie.

I did call Eric at Steele and left a message.  I wanted to make sure the refit was here when we go to Ebenezer.  I haven't heard from him yet but hopefully by Wednesday.  If not, I will call back!

I seemed to have had a surgical setback today so I will be taking it easy the rest of the week.  Don't even know if I will be soaking feet - maybe on Wednesday - I hate not to, but I have got to heal so I can start riding again!

I do need to make an appointment to take the horses to the vet this week though.  They need shots, Sarge has to have his Coggins and I believe teeth need to be floated.  I will call Monday.  I will need help hooking up the trailer and raising the ramp.

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