Thursday, March 19, 2015

Soaking hooves and surcingle.

Sunday I went to the barn and brought Biscuit up.  I brushed and groomed him and soaked his feet.  He was good about soaking his feet which was a blessing.  I brushed him again - hair was flying
 everywhere.  Before and after pictures.

Monday I went to the barn and brought up both horses.  I brushed both of them and  soaked Biscuit's hooves.  Sometimes he is good about it and others he is a toot.

Lee Ann said she would help me with a surcingle so I got out Red's old cavason and his old one ear headstall.  We had to operate on it a little bit to take the Les Vogt bit off and put in the chunky snaffle.  It had the little leather tongs on each side - we both said we prefer buckles!  My endurance tack has buckles - so much easier!!!

 We put it on Sarge and took him in the arena.  He gave Lee Ann some trash - throwing a few little fits - taking off fast - hollowing out.   Lee Ann finally got him to relax and he slowed down.  She put the side reins on him and he started dropping his head and rounding up.  He had foam between his butt cheeks when she was done but he had a good workout.  I gave him a bath and rinsed all the sweat off.  He is so curly in the winter time and he seriously needs to shed out.  I am hoping the exercise helps that along.  I am going to try to work him 2 or 3 times a week and get Sarge back in shape.  He has lost muscle tone and that is not acceptable.

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