Thursday, March 5, 2015

Soaking feet of the Biscuit

I went to the barn and paid my board and visited with Lee Ann P and Miss Jean for a moment.  I went down and here comes The Biscuit.

He is such an easy boy to catch now - there is no "catching".  He is more than ready to put his head into the halter and follow me out.  Good boy Biscuit - it is a miracle.

I brought him up to the wash rack and poured Lysol into the pans.  After I cleaned his hooves out I put his front feet in the pans.  He stood there so patiently today - last Friday it was a CHORE to keep his feet in the pans.  I fed him several carrots and he liked that.

I brushed him off - he is shedding but mostly because he was filthy with mud.  I also brushed out his mane.  As soon as we have nice warm consistant weather (it is 38° with a wind chill of 21° with rain and windy as all get out today) I will soak his mane and tail to get the dirt out and the yellowing it has caused.  Biscuit would have a snow white mane and tail if he was stalled but I don't want my baby stuck up in a stall.

I soaked his front hooves for 40 minutes and the back ones probably about 20 minutes or so.  His hooves and frogs are looking nice.  Going to get rid of this dang thrush if I can.

I gave a dog biscuit to Brutis - he is such a big ol' sweetie.  Passed out a carrot to Legato and Rogue.  Lee Ann B had joined us out on the washrack.  We were talking about trails in the Ebenezer/Letney area.

 I certainly hope I am able to ride in 2 weeks.  I am taking it easy and hoping the doctor releases me to ride next week.  If I am able to ride - it will most likely be on the flatter areas of Ebenzer not the hilly area of the lake.  No bushwhacking either.

Later I took Kayden to the  barn while we waited on Barry's truck to have the oil changed.  We took them both out to graze.  The bulls have now been placed in the pasture across from my horses.  They belong to Mr. Hebert and I counted 11 - they are supposed to have 22 bulls.  I saw Black Angus looking cattle but they were all the way on the other side so it was hard to see exactly what they were!

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