Sunday, March 8, 2015

Bull Run at Plum Nearly

Barry and I were going see "Sniper" today.  I was getting ready - coming down the hall about to iron my purple shirt.  I caught my left foot on the loose baseboard that runs down to the kitchen.  OMG  Down I went - I remember yelling as I hit the ground.  Barry came running.  I was mortified.  I rarely cry - it gives me a dang headache so I hate crying - but there I was crying...not loud boo hoos but tears were flooding out of my eyes.  Ugh...I hate being crippled - yep I said it.  Cripple.  I know it could be worse but my big fear is falling and hurting myself where I couldn't walk or ride again.

I didn't want to go to the movies after that.  I told Barry I just  wanted to go out to see my horses.  They always make me feel better.  It was lightly raining when we pulled in.  I could see flashes of the little bulls moving close to the mares barn.

We came around the turn by the stallion barn and I could see the little bulls running and there stood Rogue at attention and all the other horses that were out up there were watching and I am sure thinking those were some funny looking horses!  Rogue walked closer to his fence - ears erect - and looking like he'd seen a Martian.

My horses were in their shed - I am sure they have seen the little bulls by now but I know he would have been at attention too had he seen them.

I rolled my window down so I could see them better - they put a smile on my face even thought I didn't get out.  I didn't want them out in the rain - better under their little shed.

I have to call and make an appointment for them to go to the vet this week.  They are also having their hooves done Tuesday so a busy horse week this week.  Hoping to soak their feet again Tuesday before Mike gets there.

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