Sunday, March 22, 2015

Thursday Surcingle work

Barry and Kayden went to barn with me and I worked with both Sarge and Biscuit.  Sarge was a bit of a little toot but it was ok.  Biscuit did a great job.

I had tried to make a reservation for June at Ebenezer and they were all booked.  Gaaaaaa...I had forgot in January to make them as I had so much on my mind.

Our Posse all met Saturday at Lupe Tortilla - OMG it was pouring rain and while that bites we would have really been pissed had it been sunshinning.  It rained hard up at the lakes.

Stacie got us darling hats with our horses painted on the brims!  Mine is pink!!!  Love love love them.

I got to hear about Christy's new horse Rooster.  I can't wait to ride with her and her new pony!

Saturday night I was checking to see if there were any cancellations for June and woo hoo - this time there were 3 - one being 11.  I made reservations for June, July and September.  I am going to book a week in October but I won't be able to do that until April 1.  I made a reminder for myself on my calender so I won't ever forget again!

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