Thursday, March 19, 2015

Tuesday and Wednesday Surcingle Work

On Tuesday I went out and got Biscuit.  It was a nice sun shiny day and a little warm.  I brush Biscuit and hair is going everywhere.  I got out the headstall, cavason, lunge line, lunge whip and surcingle and side reins.  Woot.  We were ready to go.

I tacked Biscuit up and we went into the arena.  I haven't worked him since just before my surgery but my boy walked on like a champ.  Slow and easy.  He trotted when asked.  I put the side reins on and off he went.  Realized they were shortened so I loosed them to where they were as long as they can be.  Starting off slow.  Asked him to walk and he walked on soft and smooth.  We eased up into trotting.  He did fantastic.  Dropping that nose and rounding up.  Lee Ann saw part of it and he was doing great she said.  Changed sides and did the other side.  I didn't have my phone so I think we did about 10 minutes on each side.

He had some sweat but not that much but he doesn't have the t heavy coat Sarge does.  So I just rinsed off his hooves and let him munch a little clover.  He then went back down to the pasture.

Wednesday I didn't have very long to work with Sarge but I got out there for 10 minutes on each side.  This time he walked on softly and correctly.  I put the side reins on and off he went.  Walk, trot, canter.  Sometimes his nose was near his knees...good boy Sarge.  I am going to get my beautiful boy back in shape.  I could hear Biscuit whinneying to us the entire time I was working with Sarge.  I got down to the pasture and he was all sweaty.  Hahahah he had worked himself running all over the pasture.  I think Biscuit is ready to go riding.  This 4 months of pasture is getting old.

I was going to take Barry out to show him what I was doing but we got side tracked in the store parking lot talking to his sweet cousin, Cindy.  We had time to take the carrots out to my boys though.  Barry said he wanted to see what I was doing to "mess up his horse".  bwahahahah I told him I was correcting all of his crap.  Sarge is a sweet horse but he can be a handful.  After working with him I may start riding him.  I have owned this horse for 6 years and only been on him twice.  I have loped him around the small arena and I think Sarge and I are going to be buddies.

We had to cancel our camping trip due to bad weather all weekend.  Dang.  We are all so disappointed.  Kellie has her new trailer - omg her other trailer was leaking somewhere and rotted the entire floor so she now has a 4 horse LQ.

After I took the horses to the vet I left the ramp down as it is too heavy for me to lift now.  OMG - the dogs got my hoofboots.  Ranger brought one up and was using it as a chew toy.  I looked to see if the other was in the trailer but it was gone.  I told Jamie and Lee Ann told  Edgar and they found the other.  Whewwwwww!  Chewed my new gators but that is my fault.  DUH  won't let that happen again.

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