Saturday, March 7, 2015

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

Barry and  went to the HLSR.  We walked around and looked at the vendors - checkeu the new horse trailers...OMG gorgous.

Walked around and looked at the cattle - the cows were so pretty.  We watche d part of the cow show...a little bitty girl was showing a calf that was as tall as herself.  So cute!

We watched the clinician Craig Cameron.  He touched on NOT cutting off  horses whiskers - LOL I told Barry  TOLD YOU SO!!!

We watched the ranch rodeo competition.  Oh My Stars there was a rodeo staff guy riding a very nice liver chestnut horse that was so well trained.  OMG he kept yanking on its face, making it work way harder than was called for - kept rounding up and scattering the calfs - what a dippy doodle.  Hep couldn't ride worth doody - kept bouncing around in the saddle - not in rhythm with the horse AT ALL.  Poor horse ended up lathered up and the other horses weren't even sweating.  The horse wasn't anxious or crazy - it was trying to do what the goober on his back was asking.  I told Barry he looked like someone with a poop load of money that bought a very nice horse and didn't even know how to ride.  Later he was in the way of the people entered in the ranch competitions.  What a goober - I felt sorry for the horse.  The lady behind us agreed...dipshit that couldn't ride was ruining a good horse.

We enjoyed the ranch competition - woo hooo!!!

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