Thursday, July 30, 2009

Red has 3 nasty bites......

Barry and I went to the barn to check on the boys. We took the Furazone out to Sarge and put it on his scrape. He was fine and followed us around. We went back to the barn and got Red's alfalfa bag and went down the left side of his paddock between the row of paddocks attached to the main barn. Barry shook out the bag of the loose alfalfa. I was hugging Red and noticed he had been sweating which is good.

I walked around him and on the top of his left leg was a cut - I examined it and there was another on e to the right, a big scrape to the left and a big scrape cut thingy on his left jowl. It looks like bites to me. I told Barry to go get my iodine and Furazone. It was getting dark but I led Red to the wash rack and used warm water to clean the cuts and look at them again.

It looks like bites and they weren't real bad but they were bad enough. I think the mares did it - the only other horses would have been Charlie and Torique and neither one of them are cranky at all. Red was flinching when I was touching it so I know it hurt.

Barry brought me the iodine and when I put it on he really flinched. I washed it out with iodine and then put the Furazone on them. I cleaned his hooves and added the stuff Dr. Sherwood gave me for him. I led him out to his alfalfa and he was a happy camper. I told him I hoped the other horses looked worse...but I doubt it. He is a pretty sweet guy.


Heather said...

Poor guy! Doesn't he know he's supposed to be loving on them woman and not letting them bite on him? Sarge should be protecting his brother!

Denise said...

LOL he is very loving with them. I think it was the gelding they moved up front for some reason. He was only recently gelded. Red's bites were better. The pictures don't show how nasty they really looked!