Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Red was unhappy that his salad was ruined

I went out to the barn today and got Red a flake of alfalfa.  I had a bottle of corn oil to add to his feed.  He came to the end of the barn and was stretching his neck out to get some alfalfa.  I put his halter and lead rope on and picked up the alfalfa and corn oil and led him to his stall.  He was so excited about his alfalfa I had to pull him up a couple of times.

We got into the stall and I added some corn oil to his alfalfa and then the trouble began.  He kept snorting and sorting through the hay and snorted on me several times.  He flipped the hay over and generally was looking at me like "what the heck did you do to my hay?"

I walked out of the stall and he followed me and went out to eat grass!  OMG Red walked away from alfalfa.  I walked up to the front of his paddock and he followed me.  I put his halter and on and we walked down to Sarge's paddock.  Barry was playing with Sarge and Red started eating his grass.  

Barry and I walked Red back to his paddock and Red just stood there looking at me with "you messed up my alfalfa" look.   LOL  I walked to his stall and called him.  He just stood there with Barry.  He came with Barry and finally entered the stall and started eating the alfalfa and snorting.  Barry and I walked out and he followed us!  LOL  He was not too interested in dressing on his salad!!!  

I hugged him up.   There was some alfalfa on the hallway floor and I crossed the gate and picked it up.   I held it out to him and he came over to scarf it up and looked at me like "yeah...that is what I am talking about - salad with NO dressing!"

I am going to go out to the barn in the morning and check on his alfalfa.  If he hasn't ate any of it I will remove it.  I think he will eat it though.  He is just a picky boy!!

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