Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Vinton Feed Store has ONE AC

Dropped into the Vinton Feed Store to buy alfalfa and they have ONE AC!!!!! WOW wish I had known. I bought some...I have plenty but now I have Red covered for about 7 more weeks.

We went out to ride today. Red seemed to be breathing kinda hard but there was a cool breeze blowing and so we got into the arena. Red wasn't very cooperative today like he was 2 days ago. He did sidepass really well once....after that...he wasn't interested. We walked over and over the rails...I had spurs on this time and had to use them. He was being a lazy boy today. Breathing hard though poor baby.

We trotted several times but mostly walked. His coat was moist when we were through. He did have sweat under his saddle pad. Yay for Red!! I took this picture in the arena. I told him to stay and he stood there while I took pictures...bless his little heart.

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