Thursday, July 23, 2009

Red is looking and smelling better!

Anhydrosis seems to involve the oil glands too! Red's coat has been looking like dammit. I have really worked hard at keeping his coat shiny, clean and healthy. Since he stopped sweating his coat looked coarse and rough and did some time just before he stopped sweating.

Sarge, on the other hand, is shiny as a new copper penny. His coat looks great. Sigh....

Yesterday I went out to see Red and he is sweating appropriately in the right spots considering he is in a stall with two fans running on him. Damp under his mane, under his front legs and deep between his back legs. Yay for Red. I hugged him, wrapping my arms around his neck and breathing in his scent....and he actually had a scent this time. He hasn't smelled like anything lately and he smelled like his wonderful horsey self. He is getting corn oil in his grain so hopefully with all he is taking right now his coat will return to its former glory. His tail is growing out nicely and should continue to add to the fullness.

I did notice a little rain rot just above his hock yesterday that I need to get after - I will be buying Orbis shampoo today to start giving him a bath everyday. I know the farriers say it isn't good but darn...he looks like dammit. I don't like him looking less than wonderful!

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