Sunday, July 19, 2009

Anhydrosis on the RUN!!!

Barry and I hauled the trailer out to take the boys for a ride.  we wanted to rider later if possible but that didn't happen.

Barry went down to get Sarge and I called out to Serve to give me Sarge's feed so we could feed him in the trailer.  I then went to Red's paddock to get him.  I was so excited to see this:

Crystal Sweat!!!!!!!!  Red has big salt crystals on his face.  I was thrilled!!  Anhydrosis is a horrible condition that has caused me much grief and has cost a pretty penny.  I had to put him back up in a stall which costs way more than pasture board and purchased electrolytes and One AC plus Red's daily beer.  I haven't been able to ride him either and he has suffered, poor darling.  

I took him out to the trailer and asked him to load up...he went off the side.  Sigh...I backed him up quickly and popped him with the leadrope and fussed loudly at him.  I said he would think I was Margaret in a few minutes if he didn't load up.  I opened the center divider up and told him to load up.  He went up into the trailer and I gave him a bite of alfalfa.  

We tried to load Sarge but he was not too excited about it.  I told Barry that we should unload Red and open up the center so we backed Red out and tied him to the side of the trailer.  I had to go to the bathroom and when I came out Sarge was on the ramp and went up!!!  Good boy!!!

I came up behind him and put my hand on his hip and moved him over with the center bar and closed the butt bar.  Barry was giving him his grain and Red was sticking his head in the side door trying to get a bite too!!!  We got Red and I backed him up  and said "load up" and walked up the ramp and so did Red.  I think he just wanted a treat but what ever.  I gave him a bucket of alfalfa and Sarge kept dipping into Red's stash and skipping his bahaia hay!!!  
We pulled the trailer to our house and Barry put air in the tires and checked the pressure.  I checked the boys and glory hallaluia  - Red was sweating on his chest, neck and shoulders!!!  I was thrilled!!  

We pulled the boys back to the stables and we unloaded Sarge first and he was sweaty as could be.  I never thought I would be thrilled to see a sweaty horse but sweaty horses look good to me.  I wouldn't wish anhydrosis on anyone's horse.  

Red's butt was soaking wet - both sides of his tail was wet with sweat so that was a good thing.  I forgot to reattach Sarge's butt bar when Barry started backing Red out and I had to go up the ramp and pull the middle divider out of his way.

I told Barry I was going to wash Red off but changed my mind.  Sweating is good for him and I didn't want to change anything that was going on at that time.  

I am going to keep Red on electrolytes and One AC during the hot months and hopefully be able to put him out in the pasture in the cooler months.  

I will keep researching anhydrosis and see if I can head this off before it starts next year.  

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