Sunday, July 26, 2009

I am not scared anymore

Barry and I went out to the barn to ride today. I got Red out and saddled him up and Barry saddled up Sarge.

I got out in the arena and Red was having a great time. He was not breathing hard or having any issues. It was overcast and about 87 degrees. It might have been cooler as it started raining lightly which just felt good. I pulled back Red's saddle blanket and he was sweating some but it wasn't really hot and we were just walking for the most part.

We did trot a few times and even a little lope for about 15 to 20 yards. I told Barry that I am not scared anymore. What a thrill that is. I used to be a little nervous every time I rode. I would always have that little bit of being scared since I was thrown. But since I got Red up to a lope just before I had to stop riding him, I have not been afraid. I thought I might be today since I haven't ridden in a month but I was just fine. A big hug to Red for that too. He makes me feel confident. He is such a sweet boy. It was so liberating not be nervous anymore.

Red and I worked over the rails that I had Barry lay out for me. He walked Sarge over them too. Red went over them the first time - stepping on them, clunking them with his hooves - he is a lazy boy. I kept making him walk over them until he quit hitting them with his hooves. He never stumbled one time today - I hope his farrier work is working. I worked with him on side passing to the right and he side passed like a champion today!!! Woo Hoo!!!

I rode Red today with his new reins. They look terrific. I also used the running martingale but I think it is too long and it kept running down to the bit. I had Barry take it off.

When I got off of Red and took his saddle off he did have some sweat. Not very much sweat under the saddle but he was slightly damp on the chest and under the saddle towards the first half was wet. He wasn't distressed though at all. No puffing or breathing heavy.

I will continue with his electrolytes, One AC and Beer. Got to get the beer out there tomorrow.

I put him up with his alfalfa and grain. I did brush him really well before and after riding. He is shedding quiet a bit. Hopefully we can ride tomorrow if it is not too wet. It started raining after we had been home awhile....really it was like a squall it was so severe.


Heather said...

I'm glad to hear you are enjoying you boy and that he's sweating again!!

Denise said...

Thanks Heather!!!