Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sargent San Peppy - Foundation Quarter Horse!!

I received the following email today from the Foundation Quarter Horse Association:

Dear Denise,

Your request for a foundation Quarter Horse percentage calculation has been received and completed. The results are below:

SARGENT SAN PEPPY ~ 93.359375% Foundation Quarter Horse

Sire: RIGHT THIS MINNICK   (90.625% FQH)

Dam: NICKY SAN PEPPY   (96.09375% FQH)

Congratulations on your horse qualifying for FQHA Registration!

To proceed with the FQHA Registration of this horse please click on the following link:. 
FQHA Registration and Membership Form


Ann Charles
FQHA Secretary

So, our little Sargent San Peppy is 93.3 percent Foundation.  I was not surprised.  I thought he would be.  He certainly looks like it!


Heather said...

Man he's gorgeous, SO shiny!

david said...

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Denise said...

I didn't see this til right now!!! Thanks so very much! I am really THE worst photographer in the world...I used scrapbook files to make it look better but Sarge is a great looking horse so that helped!