Saturday, July 4, 2009

Red understands English perfectly

My horse is brilliant. LOL I sound like a proud mother "look what my baby can do!!!" Barry and I went out to the barn. Edgar was in the main barn with the food bin feeding the horses. I took Red's and went into his stall. He was cool as a cucumber. I dumped his feed, opened his Guiness, which bubbled all over me, and poured it over his feed. I stood there quiet a while and went to give Edgar more of his Once AC's so that he would have them while I am gone. I went back to Red's paddock and he was outside grazing. I went into his stall and about 3/4 cup of crumbes were in the bottom...but I WANT him to eat the crumbs...there is still beer in that!!!

I went outside and sarted talking to my boy " why didn't you finish your dinner? You left a bunch of need to finish yhour food." He kept grazing for few minutes and stopped suddenly and walked into his stall and licked up the last of his food. His tongue was going to town.

I told Barry my boy was BRILLIANT and he is. I love my boy.

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